Certified Dental Assistants
of British Columbia
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What types of courses does CDABC offer?

CDABC provides several opportunities to earn CE credits through online courses. There are three main types of course available:

  • Teleseminars: Held once a month, these are live CE courses that you listen to over the phone. You dial into a toll-free number at a specific time and listen to the live speaker give a lecture. These are usually worth 1 credit.
  • Self-Study Audio Courses: These are audio recordings of our teleseminars. But, unlike the teleseminars, you can listen in to these at any time from your computer. When you register, you receive a link to download the audio recording as well as a PDF handout. You then complete an online quiz to confirm your attendance. Audio courses are usually worth 1 credit.
  • Self-Study Courses (PDF): These are PDF documents that can be read in your own time. When you register, you will receive a link to the document, which you can print off or read on your device. Once you have read the full thing, you take an online quiz to confirm completion. These courses vary in their credit eligibility.


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