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Why is the website not performing as expected (browser issues)?

One of the reasons that the website may not be performing optimally is due to the fact that you may be browsing the website on an outdated version of a browser. To offer the latest (and slickest) web experience for our members and visitors, we have configured the website to run on current browser versions.

The development time needed to support older browser versions such as IE7 can easily amount to the combined time needed to support all browser versions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and with less than 1% of Internet users running older versions (ex. IE7), we feel this time is better spent at CDABC to moving our association in a forward direction.

Updating your browser is free though! Don't worry! 

Check out some of the available browsers (free downloads):

Not sure what browser you're using? Use this tool to find out!


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